Shabu Shabu

Shabu-Shabu is every Singaporean’s favorite!

Shabu Shabu SingaporeThis dish was first launched in Japan back in the 20th century, originally a dish served at the Suehiro restaurant. The name was said to have originated from the town of Osaka. Though it has its roots in Japan, it’s said that the dish can be attributed to the Chinese steamy pot that is called “shuan yang rou.”

Shabu-shabu is much similar to its Chinese counterpart as compared to another Japanese dish called nabemono like Sukiyaki.  In many Little Tokyos or Japanese towns as well as tourist hot spots in Singapore, Shabu-shabu is a best seller.


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Singaporeans love the balance of flavor in Shabu Shabu, and in fact this dish is a common favorite among the locals and tourists alike when they hit top restaurants and food hubs in the place.

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